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Agitators for special applications

Special for mixing techniques:

  • Sterile agitators with sterile seals, electro polished (surface, construction tight welded)
  • Rubber lined agitators for high abrassive operation
  • Counter rotation agitator
  • Rotor-Stator agitator for high mixing resistant media
  • Magnet drive agitator for complete media separation of inner vessel space and drive

Multiaxis agitators:

  • High speed propeller combined with anchor agitator (stirring and heat exchange)
  • High speed dissolver combined with beam agitator (economic solution for difficult to mix media in larger vessels)
  • Cutting unit combined with beam and anchor agitator (for milling, mixing and heat exchange)
  • Agitator with heated agitator elements (for special slow heating or cooling process)

Rabble rake:

  • For sludge treatment in sedimentation basins
  • Build with centric gear motor drive for up to 10.000 mm diameter
  • Special features: hand or motor driven lifting device for overcoming operation standstill


  • Bottom scraper only
  • Bottom scraper with rabble bars


  • For separation of floating foam and sludge

Lifting units with agitators:

  • Bottom or wall mounted for stationary or mobile vessels, lifting mode with counter weight, winch (electrical or manual), or pneumatic cylinder, fully custom-tailored
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