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Direct driven agitators / type DDM, DDMF


  • Stirring of thin viscose, easy to mix
  • Large volumes and small to medium mixing intensity


  • Direct driven agitator using standard electric motors (rotation-speed depending on the number of
    poles resp. adjustable by frequency former)
  • Coupling of drive and shaft differs against shaft length, rotation speed and power
  • Principally built as propeller agitator
  • Only advisable for non pressure application


  • Easy design
  • Low price construction

Alternative with an angle flange:

  • Applicable for side mounting below liquid level using a mechanical seal


  • plain vessel wall
  • effective cleaning

Special Design:

  • Type DDS
  • Electric motor with hollow shaft
  • Agitator shaft is conus-centered and coupled


  • easy to mount
  • shaft easy to exchange
  • short construction height
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